Thursday, March 20, 2014

Topics of Interest & Keeping Up To Date

Today, a friend asked me to recommend topics to help him get back into things with regards to technology and architecture. In line with the philosophy of conserving keystrokes, here's my braindump of interesting topics of personal research and interest.

I'll update this post with relevant links as I come across them.

Research Topics

These are topics that I'm either actively researching or passively keeping an eye on. I haven't formed a complete opinion on them, but will include current thoughts where possible. No particular order.

  • Microservices vs Monolith vs SOA. 
  • Event driven design and Complex Event Processing
  • Eventually consistent & CQRS patterns
  • Polyglot persistence (or polyglot anything)
  • Async I/O or Async request processing
  • Temporal Decoupling
  • Full-stack development
  • Offline first, mobile first, lowest common denominator first, progressive enhancement design
  • Large set of unknown developers vs small set of known developers in API design
  • Plugin-only design
  • REST and Hypermedia principles
  • Community power & decentralized dev (github, stack exchange, discourse)
  • Creative technology and motivation

Tried-and-true fundamentals

These are topics I keep returning to when I need to remind myself of basic principles. In some sense, these are turning out to be timeless to an extent.

Go-to great writers

These fill the article list of my Pocket service on my Kobo Aura and my RSS feeds:

Evolution & Time for Change

These are topics that are interesting because of the change they may bring, but also are likely to spark a debate or ten.

  • Agile's devolution into management ritual for nontechnical managers, instead of focus on being lean and efficient and driving continuous delivery.
  • New-era data stores that focus on only development velocity and not operational stability.
  • Web-only vs Web + Native App harmony.

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