This page describes the background of this blog, some of the main tags (taxonomy), as well as outline some guiding principles for myself to aspire to. I'll likely update this page as I build up the focus and direction of the blog.

Blog Overview

This blog is focused on Information Technology - including subsets such as Computer Science, Programming Languages, Computer Hardware, Enterprise and Application Architecture, Business Process modelling, Software Development Lifecycle, Training etc.

My intention is to document experiences and hopefully make progress towards keystroke optimization by reducing my reliance on email and improving the quality of my writing by forcing me to think about the wider audience.


The name "BinaryRefinary" is a portmanteau created from combining the words "Binary" and "Refinery". The focus of this blog is on IT/Digital/Computers, hence the "Binary" reference. One of my goals is to achieve growth through improved efficiency and refinement, hence the "Refinery" reference.

The term BinaryRefinery dates back to my days at university .

Taxonomy of Tags

  • review: An opinionated review of something I have experience with
  • hardware: Something to do with computer hardware, devices, or gadgets
  • architecture: Enterprise or Application Architecture
  • code: Relating to programming languages or coding techniques
  • data: Data storage, querying, or analysis
  • (more to come)

Guiding Principles

  • Link to at least one authoritative, collaborative, or corroborative external link in each post
  • Clearly distinguish between my personal opinion and facts I believe are accurate
  • Provide a balanced view listing pros & cons or alternative viewpoints
  • (more to come)

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